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Enjoy art, Feel art, healing with islands breeze of Setouchi.


We regularly hold abstract painting workshops at SHIGERU YAMADA’s Art Studio located in just 5 minutes walk from the Uno Port in Tamano City, Okayama.


The purpose of this workshop is your own hobby, so even beginners can participate and enjoy the art. Shigeru Yamada will give advice depending on individual ideas.

You can use a brush, a spatula, whatever you like.

Foil is a feature material of Shigeru Yamada, and you can use it as you like on the day.

The theme of each session is up to you.


This workshop has many repeaters and word of mouth, and there are also participants from distance such as Tokyo.






Location:Ekihigashi-soko(JR or Ryobi-bus/ 2min. walk from Uno Station  It takes about 40-50 mins. from Okayama Station)

Maximum:8 people (max.)

Fee on the day:Class 3,000JPY+Panel fee depending on the size

* Workshop only for the beginners

* No items to bring on the day

* If you come by your car, please use the free parking space in front of the Ekihigashi-soko entrance. 

* Depending on the workshop hours, the paid lunch is prepared. 

* The panel will be prepared by us, but if you want to bring your own panel, that is fine.

* Please make a reservation form the contact page.

* Visiting workshop is also possible if the number of people gathers

We look forward to seeing you all.

If you have any inquiry, please contact us at any time.

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