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(Message in Movie)

I think that expressing is the power to live, which means expressing freely and having the feeling and the heart to accept it.

Creating a work is not continuously adding positive elements but it is mostly finished by making it simple at once.

When only the accumulated important things remain, a very beautiful screen can be appeared.


It's just like a life.The work expresses myself.

You can't lie, and you always have to be honest with yourself. It’s harder not to lie to yourself than to lie to others.


Why do I make it ?

To be honest, I make it because I want to make it. The image I want to make suddenly comes down and I make it shaped and colored.


Originally I am a person I want to make, which is my basis, and making a work leads to my life. To live is equal to make a work.


Art does not seem to be useful, but it is useful in some places you do not know.

I think my work is the same.I would be happy if people who see my work feel“It’s okay to be free".


Movie by Arata Yoshida


Shigeru YAMADA, ​Abstract Painting Artist


Shigeru Yamada lived in his hometown Okayama until the age of 33 in where he self-learnt to paint. 

He then started studying in The Art Students League of New York from 1999 to 2004. 


New York is a city with various races jam and inexhaustible greed, and it drastically changed his creative expressions. 

He aborted his previous representational expression with classical oil paintings and commenced to express the fragments of colors and figures in his memory with abstract paintings. 


At the same time, that was also his quest for “What is beauty?” inside him. 

Beauty is, however, a universally present notion but also something universally indefinable. 

His quest for beauty focuses on the presentation of questions rather than revealing answers. 


His recent works are all based upon his aesthetic concept such as imperfection, suggestiveness, and simplicity under the influence of the deep sense of beauty in Zen, such as Wabi-sabi. 

In addition, he is currently living in his hometown Okayama, a spot closely related to Zen and nurtured a number of famous artists and Zen monks like Sesshu and Ryokan.

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