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Children's Art Approach


Education in early childhood is the most important and noticeable education in the world.

The educational goal of nursery schools and kindergartens is to "cultivate the ability to live as a human being."


Early childhood children actively reach out to various things and events to purely pursue the intellectual desire to "know." This activity treats children as talented researchers, draws out their talents, and creates an opportunity to "express themselves." 


To make this happen, the artists create an entrance for their activities so that they can fully demonstrate their inquisitiveness and curiosity.

In this activity, the artist does not act as a teacher, but as an equal relationship with the children.


Rather than teaching the procedures and techniques to make a work well, we focus on children's independence and cooperation, and aim for the goal while making self-selection and self-determination.

Additionally, the artist carefully watches how each child behaves according to his or her own thoughts in the process of reaching the goal, and is surprised and delighted with them at the moment when the children are demonstrating their abilities. By doing so, I think we can raise questions about the next education and connect it to the next education. 


Art should be allowed to express free ideas, and it is also necessary to develop an inclusive mind that allows ideas and expressions that are different from one's own.

"The power to express oneself" is exactly the "power to live", and I sincerely hope that through this activity, children will set new goals and walk vigorously while coexisting with society.


Children’s Art Approach


Shigeru Yamada

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